Best language to create a graph vizualization/editing tool

I’m working on my own IF since a while now with my own game and scene format in XML.
I started thinking about making my own Tool (for personal use) to edit the interactive scenes of my game. I’d like to have a graph vision of my scene and be able to edit it interactively, a little like what Twine does, or like the node editor from Unreal.

I’m wondering what language/framework to use to code that. I was thinking about svg and JavaScript at first, but I’m afraid it will be kind of slow and messy for a big project. I know that the original Twine uses wxWidgets in Python and I was wondering if it was robust enough when a lot of elements are involved (I’m starting to have some pretty big scenes).

Would you have any ideas or any suggestion ?

If you come up with something (and it supports GraphViz/DOT format for import/export) I expect it would be well-appreciated; I’ve never found a good tool for that and it would be useful for a great many things.

My gamebookformat tool (in some other old thread and on github) exports to graphviz, but has no gui (I prefer text markup in a full-featured text-editor).

It is a very easy format to export to, so compared to making a node gui it should be a small addtion.