Best IF you've played in 2012

The year of our lord Two Thousand Twelve is almost over, so let’s reflect back on the games we’ve played this year and see which ones we liked the most. Not just games that came out this year (although you may limit it to just that if you want to), but also awesome games that came out in previous years that you only got around to playing this year.

I’ll start things off by saying that I shamefully only got around to playing All Roads this summer, and boy was that a trip! I’m actually kicking myself for not finishing it earlier (I got hung up on the game’s only puzzle first time I played it). Excellent crackerjack entertainment.

Also, The Statue Got Me High wormed its way into my brain with its amiable freakiness. There’s a scene from it that won’t leave my mind’s eye.

(Also also, I made an IFDB poll, for people who care about that sort of thing.)

Bee, First Draft of the Revolution, Kim’s Story, rat chaos…off the top of my head.