Best current option for Z80 files on Windows with DOSbox?

What is the best way to play Z80 files on windows with DOSBox?

Gargoyle will, I think, play .SNA files, but not .Z80, while JPP (on IFArchive) says it can’t find /jpp/groot.rom when used in Dropbox. I haven’t tried the other IFArchive options yet.

I want to play Knight Orc, the game based on the Gremlins movie, and The Hobbit.

I don’t know about something DOS-based for DOSbox, but it looks like Fuse will run it.

You can find a DOS version of Knight Orc if you scour the web enough. Alternatively, I think you can play it with the Windows Level 9 interpreter here: … evel9.html

For the others, your best bet would be to download a Spectrum emulator. It’s been a while since I’ve dabbled with that so I don’t remember what my favorite was.

Thanks, Fuse has worked very well. Although downloading an .exe from sourceforge was a little scary.

You can compile Level 9 from source (it’s prety easy) or play with the DOS version of Knigt Orc. It has more text and graphics than z80.
Or you canplay online at