Beneath Fenwick Gets A Tuneup

Hey folks,

It’s late in the game, but I’ve uploaded a newer version of Beneath Fenwick, my entry into this year’s IFComp.

The main reason for this update is to fix the problems it had running on Safari on the Mac and IOS devices (it didn’t). Now it does! Turns out I was bitten by the lagging Safari regular expression capabilities. Also, I discovered it doesn’t like all the CSS Flexbox commands I was using. Oh well, live and learn.

I realize the chance of this getting more players is small, growing smaller the closer we get to mid-November, but mostly wanted to upload it both for posterity and for getting a properly playable version archived.



Good deal! I am normally a Safari user so this is great.

I actually downloaded the game and opened it in Chrome and was very impressed by the options and the polish of the UI. And I’m a sucker for atmospheric music! I haven’t played yet, but this might encourage me to give it a good whirl.

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