Behind the Door - eejitlikeme

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  • Jack

This is a nice short game where everything works. The Quest interface is convenient, with a compass rose and a list of inventory objects and other objects you can interact with. Clicking on an object name reveals the list of commands you can try with that object. The puzzles are at the right difficulty level - there are not too many inventory objects to deal with, for example. The premise is that you receive postcards from someone quite near where you live, and you decide to go to see who is sending them. After solving some puzzles,

you play chess with the owner of the house, a lonely old man who just seemed to long for some company, and after playing he offers to show you more of the house or let you go. I chose to stay for more, and consequently was appointed as the new ‘keeper’ of the house, not allowed to leave until I find the next keeper. So, there was quite a surprise twist there. I don’t know what the other alternative outcome would have been.

In all, a rather minimalist but entertaining enough experience nevertheless. The chessboard was not described when it was on the bench and I don’t know what the commode was for, but besides these minor issues I didn’t notice any problems. Maybe nothing groundbreaking, but everything works and it’s a nice story anyway.


I agree-- pretty solid implementation, writing could be a bit better but is solid enough (though there’s the occasional typo, repeated text, or odd aside), definitely sudden and slightly arbitrary deaths, puzzles are a bit on the simple side but at least that makes them not frustrating. A bit slight, but it works.

Since everyone else seemed to pick the same ending as I initially did, here’s the other one–

[spoiler]You leave the house and go home. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Though, I did like that it acknowledged that I’d swiped an extra butterfly and some postcards. (And it let the butterfly go, if that eases your mind.)[/spoiler]