Beginner - t3make linux error

Hello Intfiction forum .

I’m new here and just starting out with programming in tads 3 .

I’m using Ubuntu (lubuntu) 14.04.1
I have installed qtads ,tads3-dev and tads3-common using synaptic package manager.
I followed the steps described in the beginners manual to create a sample game . Right now there are two files placed inside an empty project directory , .t3m and .t . When i try to compile the game from the terminal using t3make -d -f i get this error :

TADS Compiler 3.1.3 Copyright 1999, 2012 Michael J. Roberts
Files to build: 87
symbol_export /usr/share/frobtads/tads3/lib/_main.t -> obj/_main.t3s
error: error creating symbol file “obj/_main.t3s”
Errors: 1
Warnings: 0

Searching on google and this forum didn’t reveal any solutions to the problem , so any help from here will be highly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Try adding the -FC command-line switch.

I think that your installed version supports it. If it’s not supported, create a directory called “obj” near your files.

See Why can’t t3make create its own obj directory?

-FC did the trick .
Thanks for the help .