Beginner needs help with game. ["Hotel Tutorial"]

Hello everyone. I searched around and came up with a list of IF games for beginners. Well, I’m having trouble with my first one. The game in question is “Hotel Tutorial” by Leandro Ribeiro. I know this is an obscure game, but I’m hoping someone can take a look if/when they have some free time.

Anyway, I’ve finished the tutorial part of the game and it tells me to restart the game and skip the tutorial. However, after restarting there is no way to skip the tutorial. After the tutorial all the doors seem to be locked with nothing to do or interact with. I’m realizing now maybe this wasn’t the best game to start with, but now it just irks me. Can you keep going after the game stops holding your hand? Where is the “main game” it speaks of? What am I missing here? Thank you for any help.

You can find the game here:

[edited the post title to include the name of the game–matt w]

Hi, looking at the Hotel Tutorial game, I think the idea behind it was that it was something that could be inserted into a larger game so the player could start with the tutorial and then go back and play the main game. So this game doesn’t have a main game! It looks like once you’re out and you’ve read the sign, you’ve done everything you could do as a tutorial, and you can move on to another game on he games for beginners list.

Welcome and good luck!