[basic screen effects] wierd behavior [SOLVED]

[code]Include Basic Screen Effects by Emily Short.

Test Chamber is a room.

A man called Gordon is here.

Instead of jumping:
carry out the constructing the status line activity.

Rule for constructing the status line:
center “[the player’s surroundings]” at row 1;
rule succeeds.


For reasons too complicated to get into, I want to be able to run the “constructing the status line” activity at an arbitrary point in the code. In the example above, I have it as part of an “instead of jumping” rule, but the behavior is the same no matter where I put it.

If you run the code without the rule for constructing the status line, then jumping does nothing; the game just spits out another command prompt (">").

If you run the code with the rule for constructing the status line, something very weird happens: the game does not produce another command prompt. You can still type, but the text appears in the main window as fixed-width font. This persists until you hit ENTER – at which point the game responds to your comands, switches back to variable-width font, and produces a command prompt.

Any thoughts on why this happens, or how to work around it?

The best way to force the status line to refresh is this:

To redraw status line: (- DrawStatusLine(); -).

I don’t think the activity is designed to be run independently of that function. Which could perhaps be improved, but I think you’re the first person I’ve seen get tripped up by it. Luckily the solution is very easy in this case.

That worked! Mostly! Thank you!