BASIC on DSi and 3DS - Petit Computer

My motivation to learn it is already waning, but the DSi and 3DS online shops now have a “Petit Computer” which is kind of a Commodor 64, TRS-80, insert other vintage home computer here, BASIC programming tool. When I saw this, nostalgia kicked in immediately. I spent several years in high school and early college writing silly little games in BASIC on the Color Computer 2 and 3 (and even GWBASIC and QuickBASIC for DOS). I’ve since moved on to more useful programming skillsets in my professional life, so my BASIC is a little rusty.

This DSi-PC does seem powerful enough to create better stuff than I did back then, with 8-channel sound, multiple screen layers, and a way faster CPU. No real-time 3D rendering, but it should be possible to write some kind of basic interactive fiction (or other stuff, like tile-based RPG’s or strategy games, arcade games, whatever).