Basic Literacy By Bart Massey and PDF Project

Hi! I don’t know if this is the right place to post this but the extensions board won’t let me post new threads so…

I’m working as part of GSoC in a series of extensions that will eventually let you transcript story data in a PDF file. Right now I am working in a first small extension that lets the player write/erase/read things into a writable-erasable Thing.

Here’s the first extension:

EDIT: Here’s the extension:

Anyone is welcome to test it and make suggestions on it, I’d also appreciate if you could spot things that are out of the official standards, the idea is to submit these as official extensions.

I’ll continue posting progress on the project as I advance into more complex extensions.

I couldn’t find anything after the link?

Yeah, the repository appears to have no files.

Looks like the link should have been

My bad, I should’ve linked the github repo, not gitlab. :smiley: