[rant]I have written a long post, and get lost because of some random log in timeout please endure when I get if I want to repost again…[/rant]

sorry for wasting everyone’s time in giving my vent, and
Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

How long was your post that the site timed out??

Next time, type it out in notepad first or something :smiley:


I used to use a Chrome extension called Lazarus that autosaves every form input locally, but it looks like it’s been removed from the Chrome store. But I think Typio does the same thing. And I imagine there’s something similar for Firefox and other browsers.

All software has a secret key combination that means; quit immediately, don’t save or confirm - just quit!

In some cases, it’s not actually a key combination, but it amounts to the same effect.


thanks. I have investigated the problem after a sane cooldown; in the end, the issue was simply that for some reasons, the cookie authorisation to was removed (this being one of the very few trusted sites…) and this of course, caused confusion on the server side (because I alwaws open multiple tabs on diverse sub-forums…) and this caused the lost post.

issue solved, I think.