Backup extentions turned into html? What?

0k, I have a weird problem that can’t be fixed with scripting. I made a bunch of extensions to contain certain parts of my game while I was developing it so it would all be nice and neat, and I’ve been keeping backups of those extensions on my external hard drive. Just now I tried to restore a few parts of some older backups because of a goof, but for some reason ALL my backup files have turned into .html files. er… :open_mouth: They are still all named the same, except the extension and when I tried to change them back to .I7x files Inform7 gave me an error saying it was the wrong kind of file. Not only that but when I opened it in a HTML program I got…html. :open_mouth: Here is a sample:

<TD width=38px height=26px align="center" valign="center"><a href="inform://Extensions/Extensions.html" border=0>

Can anyone tell me what happened and if it’s possible to get any of the files back?

How were you making the backups? Just copying files or folders out, or using a utility?

All I did was dump sections of code into extention files and then save and copy them. They were readable .I7x files when I copied them over to the backup drive.

Extensions are essentially text files. Can you open them as html in a web browser and copy the text into a new extension or .txt document?

Maybe you saved them as styled-text and your editor wrote that as HTML?

Another thing to try - rename the file extension to .txt and see if they open up that way.

Thanks. I tried renaming to txt, but when I open them I just get a short burst of HTML and a few things like “

The extension provides no documentation.

”. I don’t know what happened, but I think my scripts are just gone. I’m going to try a few more, but I think they are going to be the same.

Your experience sounds kind of like what happened when I was trying to open Undum’s HTML files in TextEdit (a Macintosh text program). What eventually worked for me was to go to TextEdit’s Preferences and turn on “Ignore rich text commands in HTML files,” then open the HTML files. You could try that, maybe?

…though now that I think of it the problem may have been that I wanted to look at the HTML, not that I couldn’t get at the text. Anyway, it might be worth a last desperation try.

Did you try this? If so, what were the results?

If double-clicking on the file doesn’t open it in your browser, rename the file with an .htm extension and try again.

Yeah, I just tried all of those I’m afraid. Double clicking on a htm or html version gives me a neat page that says the file name, author name, and “The extension provides no documentation.” Unfortunately, the text file just reveals the HTML producing that page. :confused:

Can you copy the full code for one of the backups here?

0k, not sure it’s worth it though, tbh.

You must’ve backed up your \Inform\Documentation\Extensions folder rather than your \Inform\Extensions folder.

Oh? really? I didn’t know there was one of those. :confused: Aww, man… Thanks anyway.