Backing up via attachments in emails.

Two questions about saving story files as attachments in emails–

  1. Is ‘’ the correct file? Just want to be sure.

  2. I have 4 story files that I am developing and backing up. I sent three of them to a special folder in my email inbox, without any trouble. Took only about 10 seconds each to upload, and one was about 453KB. I tried to send the 4th one–the smallest, about 14KB, and it would not upload, it went into some kind of recursive pattern, and I waited for 3 mins before I tried again. I tried to upload it 5 times. My email account is with, and my browser is Firefox. Any ideas–did I hit some kind of limit, or was the file too small?


Yes, is the game source code.

Thanks Zarf. Question 2 has been resolved(it was a glitch somewhere–I tried again later and it worked fast).