Babel Treaty version 10

I’ve just posted the Babel Treaty revision 10 to the Babel page:

Also a new release of the Babel tool:

The Babel Software Suite

Babel now officially includes Twine and Alan. Thanks to Chris Klimas and Thomas Nilefalk for their help.

I also made a bunch of minor updates, including:

  • Adding the <tuid> bibliographic tag (IFDB identifier).
  • Marking the <bafn> tag (Baf’s Guide) as a historical legacy.
  • Adding more super-early Z-code files to the section on legacy Z-code.
  • Noting that the IF Archive integration plans didn’t happen. Future metadata plans will probably involve IFDB.
  • Noting that the “forgiveness rating” is not as well-defined as we thought back in the day, and not really applicable to all kinds of IF. (See my comments here.)
  • Updating gendered pronouns “he/his/him” to “they/their/them”.
  • Fixing several typos and editing errors.