Author in Crisis mode :P (HELP!!!)

I was cleaning up my files this morning and I thought I had deleted an “extra” inform7.exe file, whereas it was the only copy I had, and of course I permanently deleted it.

Yes, I could normally just download the install package, but I’m behind the prison bars of my workplace computer; I can only install programs in pieces (i.e. copying and pasting post-installation files). If anyone feels rogue enough to e-mail me an executable (I think zipping is safe), you’d be halting the increasing insanities of a frantic IF writer! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks all!

If the machine has 7-zip installed, you don’t need to run the exe installer. You can open it in 7-zip and extract inform7.exe.

In case you don’t have 7-zip installed, here’s the Inform.exe: Let me know when you get it so I can delete it again.

Thanks! I grabbed it and gave it a shot. I don’t know what I did, but I wish I never messed with anything this morning. I think I got one of my ScaleGfx.dll files mixed up with one in the Glulxe or Frotz folders. It’s trying to open, but I never get the intro screen or anything. I guess I’ll have to continue writing in notepad++ and fix everything tonight.


Well, here’s the whole content of I7_6G60_Windows.exe zipped up :mrgreen:

Hallelujah! :smiley: Everything’s working fine! Thank you so much. You saved my day from boredom :exclamation:

Where are you working, btw? From the sound of it, I might want to apply for a job there :laughing: