Augmented Fourth, 20th Anniversary Edition

WANTED: Amateur musicians to serve the Royal Court. Must provide own instrument and be inured to copious constructive criticism. Impress your friends! Meet the King! Apply in person at the Castle, located on the south side of the volcano in sunny Central Papoosen.

This release rides a wave of nostalgia to commemorate the game’s original announcement 20 years ago today.

  • Updated cover art.
  • Added a 20th Anniversary Retrospective to the HELP system.
  • Updated one puzzle to reduce the amount of unnecessary NPC cruelty required to win.
  • Adjusted various room exits for better map geometry.
  • Added a few more gentle hints to various obtuse puzzles.
  • Fixed text parser disambiguation issues and minor bugs reported by recent players.
  • Cleaned up source code formatting.

Visit the game’s homepage to download the Z8 file, walkthrough and map, or source code.

Thank you for all of the positive feedback and reviews over the past twenty years!


Good morning!

Thank you for posting the source code for your adventure. This game is well worth the 20th Anniversary Edition.

I am currently trying to write my own adventure in Inform 6. Since your adventure is extensive and complex it provides a resource for techniques that will provide ideas for my own adventure.

Thank you again, Jeff


Thanks so much! Loved your game!

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Thanks a lot!

(But what’s unnecessary about NPC violence?)

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