Audiogames, Audiogames Jam and IF Accessibility

I’m running a game jam to raise money for the Royal National Institute for Blind People (RNIB). Aim of the event is to create accessible games for people with sight loss and hopefully raise some money for RNIB at the same time. It runs from August 26th until September 5th, and if you can make accessible IF your welcome to take part.

The Audiogame Jam website can be found at

On a side note, I’m unfamiliar with IF and accessibility issues. If anyone here has any advice from their expeience making accessible IF I’d greatly appreciate it.

ChoiceScript games are generally entirely compatible with screen readers.
Inform games are also generally good with screen readers.
Twine games and screen readers do not get along.

…this is unfortunately the extent of my knowledge.

However, there’s a program in the works by IFTF (Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation) to assess quality of IF engines: re: accessibility and opportunities for improvement. After it’s finished, there should be much more information available on this topic!

See this thread for some previous discussion on the topic.

I wrote a 5-part series in my blog last year about the experience of maximising one Inform game’s accessibility for screen readers. It also describes how some of the technology works in general and looks at a few of the most commonly recurring situations. … essibility

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Simple Spelling by Alice Grove is a new extension that can easily be dropped into an Inform game and will give players an option to have the names of objects spelled out if they are difficult to understand as pronounced by the screen reader.