Attention IF authors

I am looking for IF’s to review for my future episodes of the Awesome Text Adventure Gaming
Podcast. If you are a new author or veteran and have a game you’d like to have on the show
please drop me a line. Also I will be having guests on the show author’s and what not. If you
would like to be on the show in the future I’m always open to having author’s on the show.

I’m open for any of that (review of my games/being a guest). Here’s my IFDB page:

Awesome, I recall playing Zorkian Stories a week ago, cool game, and profile.
It’s going to be fun reviewing one of your games :slight_smile:. Are you free in a few
weeks to be interviewed? I am not sure what day as of yet, as my work
schedule is all over the place like a fish flopping on a deck.

Just don’t review ZS1! It’s really bad. Any of the others, maybe my new one? Just not my first! lol email me at

You could also set up a poll on IFDB for organizing review suggestions. (Edit: I see it’s there already. Cool.) It might be good to have a guest that has played the same game you’re covering, to trade opinions. I don’t know how spoiler-y you might plan on getting, but I’d suggest minimizing story spoilers for recent games to keep the audience listening. Most gaming sites/mags/podcasts/whatever will spoil older games because they figure people who plan to play have already had the opportunity to do so. But with IF, there is quite a bit of older stuff that people may not have gotten to yet, so it’s up to you. If nothing else, you could figure that out ahead of time and give a spoiler warning before diving in. Some spoiler-y discussions particular to certain games could be fun.

It might be fun to be a podcast guest, although my most recent game was from seven years ago and I’m out of touch with the happenings of the past few years. Inspiration hits me from time to time, then fades. Most recently, your talk about QB64 sounded interesting, and I thought maybe I should try to compile my couple of DOS QB games in QB64. Then I thought… naaah.

Looking at the IFDB poll: Are we only supposed to self-nominate? (The description there implies that’s the only option) … There are several games by others I’d happily point to as being well worth a podcast review, but I’d feel like a creepier-than-usual jackass self-nominating. :confused:

You can nominate your own games or by others. If you’d like to be on the show you guys are more than welcome to be guests on the show. I want to have a show for all those within the IF community to call their own. If that makes any sense?

Given that, I have done so :slight_smile:

Go insane and review some old Eamon adventures! :smiley:

Just kidding. … … Or am I?

Oh my Leaf, I didn’t even think of that…set mind on stun. :laughing: