ATTACK Hit Detection?

Okay, so I am just messing around with I7, trying to get the hang of it again, and for the strangest reason I haven’t the slightest clue how to detect player hits on specific objects or enemies… Here is my code (ignore the bit about the barrel xD)

[code]“ATTACK Test” by Jumper_0

Include Version 4/130629 of Inform ATTACK by Victor Gijsbers

Include Weapons For Attack by Jumper_0.

The Waiting Room is a Room. The Description is “You are in The Waiting Room. You await your Challenge. In the room there is a barrel, with an array of weapons contained within. There is also a crystal in the center of the room to take you to the arena.” A chest is a kind of container. In the Waiting Room is a chest called a barrel. a barrel contains a short sword, a long sword, a rapier, a baselard, a backsword, a falchion, a khopesh, a sabre, a wakizashi, and an arming sword. A container is a kind of weapon. In the Waiting room is a large blue crystal.[/code]

And lets say I wanted to teleport the player to some kind of arena when they hit the blue crystal with, specifically, a kind of weapon? I know it is possible, i mentions hitting bottles with a ranged weapon for a game in some [commented] part on weapons.