AT THE END of every turn

I can’t tell if this topic has been covered. The search engine won’t let me search for the words, which are too broadly used. Here’s the problem:

I have a character who follows the player around. The move is managed in an “every turn when” rule. He always arrives at the END of the following turn, after the player has completed his command and seen the report for that command. BUT… when the command is to CLOSE THE DOOR to the previous room, the follower character arrives without any mention of that (for instance: “Alex opens the door, scurries in, and closes it after himself.”

I’m already checking the door’s open/closed state, but it doesn’t matter because apparently the Every Turn rule is CALCULATED at the beginning of the turn, but not REPORTED until the end. When Inform calculates the move, the door HAS NOT YET BEEN CLOSED, so the report, issued at the end of the turn appears to be WRONG. Ugh.

Is there some way to delay the Every Turn rule until after the player has input a command?

It looks like you want the rule to fire much earlier on than the every turn rules. Try using “a first before rule when” rather than “every turn when” for your rule.

Hope this helps.

Every turn rules are in fact executed at the end of the turn, after the player’s action is completed.

What is the condition you’re using? If it’s something like “every turn when going”, maybe the condition is referring to the beginning of the turn. If so, you could use a different condition, maybe “every turn when the location of the NPC is not the location of the player”.

Yes, it is a pain when forum search tries to dictate what the user should and should not search for. The solution is to use google instead. Try writing this at googles input field: “the end”

Indeed. This is the only way to search any site. I don’t ever even bother trying a site’s native search function, seeing as how they always suck without exception and all…