Asking "which do you mean" includes objects not in the room

Folks -

I have a rather large game (250 rooms) and there are 8 buttons of different colors that occur in different places. These are usually scenery, although I have replicated the problem even if they are defined as being part of other items that are fixed in place in a given room.

When in a room where there are no buttons to push, if I type “push button” I will get a list of all the items asking me to clarify. Notwithstanding that the buttons aren’t in the room to begin with and this gives parts of the game away. I believe I’ve seen this happen with other objects upon occasion but I can’t replicate that problem at the moment.

I used the SCOPE debugger and confirmed that the objects are not in scope.

Any thoughts on what could be going wrong and what I should do to stop this?

Have you redefined the push action or grammar?

Aah…interesting. I hadn’t modified the grammar of the “push” command. But as there are other items that need to be pushed around in the game rather than pressed like a button, I did have the line"

Understand “move [any thing]” as pushing it.

I have now changed this to

Understand “move [something]” as pushing.

It appears to have solved the problem. Thanks!

That “any” was the problem, yes.

Note that the standard library already defines “move” as the pushing action. You don’t have to add that synonym.