Asking for recommendations: nature and landscape

I’m very interested in IF where nature and landscape are very important and you consider it’s very well done, a highlight. I’m interested in all possible aspects: gameplay, puzzles, mechanics or just prose, as long as they are about nature or landscape. Of course, any kind of IF (parser, choice, even VNs).

Any recommendations (already played The fire tower!)? Thanks!

(If there’s any non-IF game whose use of nature is so good that you want to mention it, please do.)


This one immediately springs to mind:

The Warbler’s Nest - Details (


An unusual and memorable landscape: For a Change - Details (

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I immediately thought of The Fire Tower , which is a pretty chill game wandering around.

That made me remember The Ascent of the Gothic Tower , which isn’t really naturey, but reminded me of Ryan Veeder’s Authentic Fly Fishing , which has a lot of nature and landscapes.

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I’ve just started A Change in the Weather, which is known for its descriptions of scenery that change subtly with the weather and time of day. Enjoying it quite a bit so far!

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Not often referenced these days, but this one is really good:

She’s Got a Thing for a Spring - Details (

EDIT: Yes it is. They named a whole IF-festival after it. D’oh.


At the risk of self promotion, you might like to try my recent ‘Kenny Koala’s Bushfire Survival Plan’. It’s a little tongue in cheek and aimed at a younger audience, but it’s centred around Australian flora and fauna and you might even find it educational. It’s parser-based, written with PunyInform, very puzzley, but easy to play. Extensive instructions, tutorial and hint system included for new players to parser-based IF. Download or play online.


Thank you all! I think I’ve already played The Warbler’s Nest, and A Change in the Weather seems too hard for a mediocre parser player like me, but I sure will try all!

(Lime Ergot would also qualify. And perhaps even Jelly.)

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It is hard! I’ve had to go to the walkthrough at least once, and I’m still a ways from solving. But you’ll be able to see all the lovely descriptions even if you never solve any puzzles, which makes it well worth fifteen minutes of poking around at even if you don’t intend to finish the thing… in my personal opinion of course.

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