ArticyJS - An Articy Runtime for Javascript/Typescript

For whoever this may one day be useful to, I’ve finally released version 1.0 of a Javascript/Typescript runtime for Articy. You can install it into any Node project using

npm install articy-js --save-dev
yarn add articy-js

This package will let you build web games using stories exported from Articy via their JSON Exporter. Note that it is not itself a fully functional Articy interpreter; it’s a Javascript library you could build an interpreter in. You’ll need technical experience to do this.

The API is fully documented, including examples of the various features. It has full feature near-full feature parity with their Unity Plugin, including loading JSON files into a searchable database, iterating the flow, and localizing strings. There are a couple of small less-used features which are not supported and they’re documented in the README.

There is also a React package named articy-js-react which includes some React components to render data like the current passage or preview images.

This is the package that, in an earlier form, powered my 2020 IFComp game Sense of Harmony and I’ve been continuing development of it as I work on the sequel.

I haven’t noticed a lot of interest in Articy in the IF Community (very likely because it’s paid-only software), so I have my doubts that anyone else will need this, but just in case: here it is.


Main package.

ArticyJS React
Helper React components.

Articy XLSX Loader
This is used to have Webpack pre-process the XLSX localization files exported by Articy into simple JSON. Only necessary if you have localization turned on in your Articy project.


Open-source JS implementations of things are always appreciated. :)