Article on Mental Floss

There’s an article on the mental_floss today about Zork. It also gives modern IF and Get Lamp a mention:

thanks for sharing!

I misparsed the thread title and assumed it would provide tips on how to clean particles and unwanted tidbits from one’s mind. Mildly disappointed.

“Hey, here’s this very old game. Remember when games were really, really lame? har har. And, crazy shit, dude, there are still quite a few lunatics out there making and playing Zork-look-alikes. Crazy!”

go jump like a bitch in front of your kinect, bozo.

You need to thread the string in one ear, through the brain and out the other ear – then you can pull it back and forth to scrub the junk out of your brain. The only problem is the old “you can’t push on a string” conundrum. I find a knitting needle or similar tool helps in the initial threading process. :slight_smile:

Robert Rothman