Article hiccup

I’m trying to solve a noun & article problem.

Say I’ve got a kid called John. Until you know his name through conversation, I make his printed name ‘the big boy.’

How can I manage indefinite articles and capitalisation with this arrangement?

For instance - If I’ve got code which says ‘[The noun] can’t hear you from over there.’ – if you don’t know the kid yet, it says ‘the big boy can’t hear you from over there.’ (sic)

I guess because I’m not using an indefinite article with the character, the ‘the’ needs to be attached, but this also messes up capitalisation. Yet there is no circumstance where I don’t want the words ‘big boy’ to be preceded by ‘the’. It’s just that I want the ‘the’ to be uppercase when it starts sentences.

I assume you’re just using “the big boy” as the printed name? It works if you use “the” as the indefinite article instead:

[code]There is a room. John is here. John is a man. John is improper-named. The printed name of John is “big boy”. The indefinite article of John is “the”. Understand “big” and “boy” as John.

Instead of answering John that:
say “[The noun] can’t hear you from over there.”

Instead of waiting:
say “You remember that the boy is called John.”;
now John is proper-named;
now the printed name of John is “John”.

Test me with “l/boy, hello/z/l/boy, hello”[/code]

Ahhh, what I didn’t know about was being able to say a thing is proper-named vs improper-named. Thanks again.