Arthur's Day Out (PunyJam)

I’m not sure what to type in on the keypad. All the letters make BLINKERUP and BLUERPINK or something like that, and I assume the word is some combination of these letters. but I can’t figure out what exactly it should be.

Can anyone offer help? Thanks!

Have you found the pet-related item near the verandah? That should give you a clue.

If you’ve got that: look at the word on it and think about colours, and what you could do with the letters on the keypad.

If you’ve not got that: search the canoe for an item, then use it to pry up the boards.

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Thanks! Things went quickly once you helped me there.

I didn’t realize it was necessary to search and not just examine the canoe.

ETA: the last puzzle seemed to be trial and error–I got lucky and solved it with my first guess. Maybe I didn’t read something carefully enough, or maybe the clue was the safe.

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The final choice requires noting down the solitaire game info.
If you look at the cave wall it should say to Choose Wisely.

Thanks for helping out Dee :slight_smile:

The letters on the safe can spell blue pink and purple but only one matches the pet item.


Ah! It makes sense now. Thanks for dropping by with the explanation. I spent time trying to win the game with no luck, but I should’ve figured that was probably too much for PunyInform.

I’m happy to give any help you need :slight_smile:

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Thanks, it’s good when authors are willing to pitch in and help!

I know people asking for help in my games is tough even though it indicates they’re playing it. There’s always a way you could hint things better, or where someone could have a good alternative interpretation of hints (Murphy’s Law.)

Or, in my case, just missed something in relatively right in front of my face.

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When is a red herring not a red herring? When it’s a game of solitaire and the first letter of each card spells out the clue you need.

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I haven’t seen that part of Arthur’s Day Out yet, but if we’re talking about a game of solitaire, there’s no reason why it couldn’t be implemented in PunyInform.

I spent quite a while trying to play that game of solitaire and eventually concluded that it was just for decoration. It was only after I’d finished the game and was writing up the solution that it suddenly clicked that it contained a vital clue.

Ah, you wrote a solution, then? I was planning to, but if you have it written out, I’ll find another game.

I just tried “PLAY” and “SOLVE” and so forth but I agree, yes, it can be done. I think thte Inform 7 IDE has an example of it, and I think there’s a coding example of Autumn Leaves somewhere on Certainly if I want to learn a new programming language, programming a solitaire game is a good exercise to understand the fundamentals.

Yes, I’ve done maps and solutions for all the games and submitted them to CASA. They haven’t been published yet. I haven’t submitted the ones for ‘The Job’, as Fredrik has done a new release, so I’ll check that first to see if anything has changed that will affect the map or solution.


Honored to meet one of the submitters to CASA. Thank you for the good work, kind Sir. I already used CASA for its huge collection of solutions of primarily 80s-90s games. It’s good to see that people are still actively adding content.

I’ve recently started using CASA’s random-game feature for suggestions on games. 9 out of 10 are poopers, but some are really interesting and I have seen corners of IFDB which I had never visited before.