Art question


I checked around for ascii but it’s used for maps? o.o

I wanted to try to get this into my game:

And stuff like that.

Any chance that could work in I7 ?

I think the easiest way is to show it as an image, backwards as that would be.

It is possible to set a monospaced font with [fixed letter spacing], but Inform still controls linebreaks in the text. And putting in [line break] and [no line break] by hand in suitable places would be a hassle.

Having said that, try:

The testy is a room. "[fixed letter spacing] _.---._ /\\[line break] ./' [quotation mark]--`\//[line break] ./ o \[line break] /./\ )______ \__ \[line break] ./ / /\ \ | \ \ \ \[line break] VK / / \ \ | |\ \ \7[line break] [quotation mark] [quotation mark] [quotation mark] [quotation mark][line break] "

Edit: New, improved version

i got it sort of working but i can’t work with spaces :c

I made that by copying some ascii art into a text editor (I’m using Vim) and replacing line breaks with “[line break]” and same for the quotation marks. And also making sure that there’s no tabs in it, just spaces. And then of course pasting the result into inform.

but the spaces all disappear with me and it aligns to the right :c

I got that first, when I didn’t remove the line break characters but just added [line break]. If you look at my example everything is on one line. Another thing it could be is that Inform appears to just skips tabs.

Remember that you don’t know the user’s window width. A really wide piece of ASCII art like that will overflow for some people.

Is it possible to set the text size to something very small before printing the ASCII art, then to restore it to normal size?

I don’t think it it, but I’m curious. It seems to be the obvious solution.

And, come to think of it, different-sized text seems like it could be used to create good effects.


Why isn’t changing the text size an authorial option, again?

It is in Glulx/Glk. But not every interpreter supports it (notably, Gargoyle.)

i’m trying to make something in .z8 for frotz, because, unless i misunderstand,
if it works as a .z8 in frotz, it will work the same on all platforms.

and i shouldn’t use .z5 because then there’s a filesize limit? or …

yes, i’m very very new.
most of me is still in the wrapping.

These days Glulx is supported basically as well as the Z-Machine.