Art by Katz

This is a standing offer for anyone who would like me to illustrate their game. Check out my Deviantart: and, less relevantly, my webcomic:

Specific rules, mainly of the common-sense variety, follow.

[rant]I usually accept all takers, but I reserve the right to accept or reject games based on my workload, preferences, or personal whims. However, once I accept your game, I promise to complete the art in a timely manner.

This is free; in addition to their in-game use, you’re free to use the images on your website, blog, or wherever you like (and even modify them) as long as it’s for noncommercial purposes and my name (Colleen Boye) remains attached as the creator. Conversely, I may use the images on my Deviantart, blog, etc, but will keep your name and the name of your game attached.

I can do cover art, feelies, and/or embedded images. Make sure to specify which you want, since they will be different resolutions. I’m happy to do multiple images within reason (illustrating every room in your game is too many); .

Please only request art for more-or-less complete games; it doesn’t have to be release-ready (or even fully playable), but no “I’ve got this cool idea…” I don’t want to spend a bunch of time on art for a game that may never be completed. Consider requesting art at about the time you send the game to beta testers; with any luck, it’ll be done by the time you’re ready to release it. (I’ll also do new covers for already-released games if you like.)

Send me either the game file and walkthrough or a transcript so I can get a feel for the game. If you know specifically what you want, go ahead and describe it, but I’d prefer not to work from just a description, since the more I know about your game, the more harmonious the art will be.[/rant]

katz, u rock. i know i havent replied to u yet, but i will be talkin to u soon! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, we could use your art.
We may be doing two projects.
The first is practically done for us except for a few little touches here and there, provided the author it lets us do it.
The second one would be all us.

I like your kiddie style with the hamsters.
The first game could have your dragon style.

yeah, btw, forgot to mention, i love the displacer beast!

You played D&D, so of course you recognize it. He’s the “shopkeeper,” but he can never find anything. I also sketched his cave of way too much stuff: … 4#/d2qi7uq

omg thats really funny. :laughing: