Ares release 2 - betatest

Hello out there,

I have to announce that my WIP “Ares”, release 2, is now in early betaish-stage, ready to shoot for the latest bugs, gameplay issues, language improvements and so on!
Please pm me, if you are williing to enter the final test round!

It provides:

  • exploration of Mars surface as part of the European Mars Mission
  • a dark secret of it’s humanoid civilization
  • the full truth about the mission’s background
  • various endings on the way to solve the mystery
  • the keyword interface from Aaron Reed

Ares, release 1, was lucky to win the German Text Fire Grand Prix 2010, and is - how can it be another way? - completely in German …
If you have good knowledge in German, no problem. If not and you are nonetheless willing to give it a try, just tell me - I’ll provide you with the best informations as possible, e.g. a complete parser reference sheet, maps, walkthrough, and so on …

Kind regards
– MI