Are You Looking for a Programmer?

Dear Designer/Writer,

As almost a software engineer size=50[/size], I’m quite capable of translating your vision of a game into reality, as long as you handle the - for me - hard parts of designing the game and writing the text.

I’ve tried my hands at Inform 6, Inform 7 and TADS 3 code, and prefer TADS 3 above the others; however, I’m quite willing to use Inform 7 to create the game, as well size=50[/size].

As mentioned above, design and writing are not my forte. This can be seen in what pieces of IF I have tried to write: none have ever been completed, as I haven’t been able to finish up the design of the game. As for writing, I am capable of writing basic text such as this, but nothing approaching the standards of fiction, static or interactive: what I write is technical in nature and not fun for anyone to read.

I would greatly appreciate the chance of finally being able to get a project from completed, to finally have created something other than mere speech in this forum or on the newsgroups (or a couple of I7 extensions size=50[/size]).

size=50[/size] I had almost graduated as a software engineer, with about a year left to go, when I realized sitting in an office for eight hours a day wasn’t what I wanted. After quitting my studies, I’ve kept on programming as a hobby, and even for money occasionally.

size=50[/size] I have released a few extensions size=50[/size] for Inform 7, but for TADS 3 I have nothing to show, although it is my preferred language.

size=50[/size] See for example the extensions Atmospheric Effects and Achievements.

What kind of game are you interested in making rioshin?

I’m most interested in horror and sci-fi, but I’m willing to write the code for a game in any genre.

I’m curious – have you started collaborating on a game?

Do people do this very often?

I don’t know about often, but it’s not unheard of – in the last five years of IFComp, there’s been at least one co-authored game each year.

Alright…that sounds interesting.

I have a horror proposal…send me an email at:


If you are interested I’ll give you the details.

Out of interest, what kind of thing did you attempt?

I realise you are looking for a collaborator at the moment (and I hope you find one, or have found one already! {Edit: Looks like Dr Froth has already volunteered}) – but maybe you could also get some helpful feedback in the area of design? My first reaction to reading something like you wrote is, “This person would love to make a game … I wonder what would help him get past the first few hurdles so he can do that?”

I’ve attempted to design games a few times. I can get to the point where I have a basic premise for the game and a map laid out; however, when I try to get even some kind of plot together, I’m stumped. Completely stumped.

Yes. I really need a programmer for two games I’ve in mind. I don’t care about the platform. I’m no good at programming and the only spare time I’ve is dedicated to the promotion of my commercial RPG.
Is there anyone interested?

I’d like to revive this thread. Are there people out there who either would like to program but not write content, or vice-versa?

Personally I’m kind of in both boats. I would like to do both, and one or the other, on separate projects. I have a few things going right now, so if anyone is up for discussing some ideas let me know. My top picks for development environments are I7, TADS 3, Python, and Flash, but I’d be willing to look at something else.

I absolutely need a programmer.
Have two-three ideas for both short-medium games.

I am interested in producing an action based game for people who like that style within a text setting.
I have a lot of design ideas and have been writing stories based on action games and they can translate well.
My needs for the program are: time-based (real time) features; effective interaction (i.e. movement) between areas (rooms) for all characters; implementing laws which can apply through the game without having to write responses to each scenario (e.g. physical laws, categories of objects, etc).
If there is anyone who has worked on this in the past it would be great to hear about.
I have a second interest in the ability of text based game programming to open up the creative potential of lots of would-be designers put off by the daunting skill requirements for today’s big games. Text-based is a simple and effective learning ground for creation of other games, as simple (action) games can be written very quickly. I would love to see people able to put together in a few hours something with an ‘action feel’, even a single room with objects and materials responding by text input in a way which properly reporoduces the ‘real time’ feel of 3d games, fully playable and immersive. It is achievable by having appropriate rule definitions for interactions, gravity and motion, and an input - feedback system that can process the status of everything in the world at every predefined unit (say a second), and display the information in a need-to-know basis which is not overwhelming.

I need pink text in Inform7
can you write an extension? :smiley:

I think if you did:

[pink letters] I'm PINK![black letters]

It would work.

Actually writing extensions is a great idea for someone who wants to program but doesn’t have game ideas.

How about one that gets rid of implicit takes? Or one that makes conversations a matter of plugging values into a table for the game writer?

Are there any programmers interested in coding/co-writing a game?