Are we supposed to see any feedback yet?

I had totally forgotten about this feature of IFComp, but has anyone checked the feedback section where judges can leave, well, feedback? Or is it only visible after the comp ends? Asking because I randomly stumbled upon it today, and it has all the feedback from 2017 (for Dancing with Fear), and nothing for my 2023 game. Or perhaps the functionality was discontinued? I have no idea.


The feedback is only visible after the results are made available.
You may find some feedback inside transcripts if you have a parser entry if a player added a comment there.


Aaaah, I see! Thanks for the clarification :smiley:

(And yes, a few players have been kind enough to leave some comments in-parser!)

((Edit: i reeeally can’t type today, arggh))


This usually gets asked every year: “Why do I have transcripts with nothing or just a couple moves? Does this mean people hate my game? Is there a problem?”

Don’t stress about this. This is people opening your game online to make sure it works, or scan the first page to get the gist of what it’s about. They did not rage quit the game; they just hit play and looked at the first screen without intention of playing, like browsing the first page of a book in a bookstore. It doesn’t mean they won’t come back later!


And expect a lot of them!

I only got the transcripts working with the bugfix update (the way I organized my files in the zip meant the code didn’t get injected into the correct page) and since then it’s been a steady stream of these, with the occasional “728 commands” or so of someone actually playing to completion.


The window shoppers are fine, I’m more worried about a couple of players who did 400-500 moves and got to a certain bit, and then fell for a false ending and quit :cold_sweat:


Yeeeaaaah… Mine usually have 145 commands: a lot of walking into craters, dying, undoing, walking into craters again the exact same way, dying again, undoing again, then finding another way to die, and immediately typing QUIT. It’s fun watching this!


I raised an issue about the empty transcripts already - the number of commands should be reduced by 1, and then any with 0 should be filtered out and hidden from authors. But I don’t know how to fix it myself.