Are there are guidelines for the IFComp cover art size?

I’m not sure if this belongs in the correct thread, but as the title says, I’m wondering if there are any guidelines for the cover art size for IFComp. The only regulation stated in the submission form is the maximum size of the image file (10MB). Is there a convention I should follow? If not, how large should the displayed image be, ideally?

The limit in the submission form is the guideline.

However, you can see that they’re displayed in reduced form on the web site (

Thanks. This obviously differs from work to work but in theory, should I be aiming for as big an image as possible to fit the maximum reduced form, while keeping the file itself under 10MB?

I believe it will shrink anything you give it to fit in a square, so it’s a good idea to make sure your art conforms to that. Even better, make the image square in your editing software. I generally use 300x300 pixels, but I’ve also gone with 600x600.

File size isn’t as important as image integrity. I notice by pulling the image for EAT ME that the image is 901k and 900x900. When I open the file, it’s much bigger and I can see the paintbrush-stroke detail in the original image. Compare that with the art for WILL NOT LET ME GO which is 960x960 and only 197k with a much simpler art style.

Unless you’re using a complex fine-art picture that you expect people to zoom in and scrutinize in great detail, there’s no real need to just blow up a simple image to hit 10MB if it’s readable and looks fine at a smaller file size and dimension.

Got it, thanks so much!