Arcjam2023 Call for Entries (May 12-15)

Calling everyone to participate in Arcjam 2023!

Arcjam is back! Write and publish a game in Arcweave in 72 hours and win a Pro subscription & Steam gift cards!

Arcweave is a visual, web-based application for writing games and branching narratives. It has its own play mode, where you can immediately play the result as a choice-based text game. Attaching images and audio files adds to the creation of an immersive narrative experience.

Here is an example I wrote and here is how it looks under the hood.

Even if you’ve never used Arcweave before, it is very easy to learn; we include links to our YouTube tutorials and documentation on the jam’s page.

Note that a paid Arcweave subscription is not necessary for participation. The free account offers a 200-item limit, which is more than enough for the jam, and the ability for 2 writers and 2 viewers/commenters to collaborate in real time.

Finally, there are prizes for the winners: a 1-year Arcweave Pro subscription and 2 Steam gift cards, amounting a total of $390 to be shared among the first 3 winners.

Read all about it and join the jam here!

:video_game: Let the games begin! :joystick: