Archive upload not working properly? ETA: False alarm, maybe

I’m trying to upload a Twine game to the IF Archive (zipped up, with source code). Everything works okay on the form page itself, far as I can tell. However, when the file uploads, the name is cut off, so it ends up being a nameless .zip file.

And I’ve done this once before already, and I didn’t see it in incoming, unprocessed, or the Twine games directory.

I have attached the game I’m trying to upload to this post. Do you think the parentheses could have caused this? I could rename the file if that’s the issue.

EDIT: Whoops! Nevermind, I looked again and found Tiny Cave in the Twine games. The quoted behavior’s still pretty weird, though.
Tiny Cave (with Source).zip (563 KB)

The upload script drops punctuation to reduce the risk of Unix shell trickery. However, I would have expected it to just drop the parenthetical part. Maybe it’s just displaying wrong in the response page template.