Archive status post

The Archive was down for an hour or so this morning, but it’s back now. (The host service occasionally reboots it without warning. This is a nuisance, but not a serious nuisance.)

More important news: Paul has figured out what was wrong with the rsync configuration, lo these many months. So some of the mirrors are actually up to date now.

The . Both of these are current to last night, as far as I know.

If you are hosting an Archive mirror, and it hasn’t been rsyncing properly, please drop me a note. It should have begun working again around Dec 15th. If you turned off your rsync job, turn it back on again. If you’re getting access errors, let me know what your IP address is and I’ll make sure it has access.



Thanks, guys!

Awesome! I’d figured I could just deal with (and I learned to, it wasn’t a huge inconvenience) when one mirror doesn’t work properly, but this is a nice holiday present.