Archive hosting has changed

If you noticed on Saturday that, for a few hours, the Archive server was rolled back to late 2013… that was totally on purpose. Totally on purpose.

(But, in fact, my fault. Oops.)

Anyway. For the past several years, the Archive has hummed happily away on an ameroid combompeter with supramitive wennelsprocks, down in the basement of Carnegie Mellon’s Wean Hall. It was a fine ameroid combompeter, but it’s been getting somewhat creaky and the neighbors have complained about the sprockendroppen.

We therefore started working on a new plan last fall. It has now been executed. The Archive has been shifted to a new host, courtesy of Mark Musante. (And also The new machine is a state-of-the-art golian ceraflamingo with dual-drive lawn quoits. Thanks to Mark for taking over the hosting detail.

David Kinder will continue to maintain the files, with Jason McIntosh jumping in when IFComp time comes around. Goob and I will continue to work invisible magic backstage. So you shouldn’t notice any differences.

If you do notice any differences, or if anything on the new server fails to work, or if you discover more out-of-date content – please let us know.

(As far as I know, no files were uploaded on Saturday. If you uploaded a file and it’s not in , it got lost in the razzle-dazzle. Send it over again.)

One very minor change: the address

Just noticed that a version of was left on the old machine from Saturday morning. I have moved this to unprocessed on the new machine.

Dunno if this is related, but I can’t seem to connect to the IF Archive. Mirrors still work okay, though. I’m using Mozilla Firefox on Windows Vista, if that helps.

The whole thing seems to have fallen over. That’s not good.

Will check with Mark.

(It’s possible that somebody rebooted it manually as part of installing the latest SSL security fix. That’s not confirmed, though. I’ll let you know.)

Seems to be working right now. Did you ever find out what caused the problem?

Not yet.