April 1 is Source Code Amnesty Day (it happened!)

I reformatted the Cragne source page (Cragne Manor: The Source Collection) to include the room name as well as the author name.

In the process, I rebuilt the HTML versions of the source files using a new version of the syntax-coloring script. It should all still look the same, but if you see any obvious problems, let me know.


I’ve been out of pocket most of today, so this is a rather belated wrap-up post for Source Code Amnesty Day – except not really, because it’s been super exciting to see folks who didn’t have the bandwidth to get something out on April 1 get into the spirit of the thing and decide to observe Source Code Amnesty Weekend or Source Code Amnesty Month. It’s all good, and I’ve got like a dozen tabs open to check out everyone’s contributions.

I also have to confess to experiencing a bit of imposter syndrome – I feel like I mostly just channeled @mathbrush’s zeal to release more source code and added a dumb April Fool’s joke on top of it, then many others did way more work to publicize the idea and pull their stuff together. Or maybe it’s more a stone soup type scenario. Either way, let me just say that y’all rock, and I am really happy to be part of such an awesome community.

…I know it won’t ever again be nearly as epic as this first one, but I think based on this experience we should make this a yearly thing, huh? I’ll look forward to seeing everybody next year for SCAD II – a good impetus for me to actually release something this year, if nothing else!


This is a great idea…sorry I am late.

For the record I originally published these games with their source code. However the code is otherwise buried in the downloadable files, so it’s just the links that are new. If you need to add links anywhere please feel free to use these ones.

Sadly the source code to my two other games is lost. I thought it was possible to reverse Twine or twee code from the final HTML file but I haven’t had any luck (maybe with the import function?).

Those games were made around 2016 and made in Twine 1.x. Any advice anyone?


Did you try to import them in Twine 1? You can find the install files for that version on the IFArchive/
Otherwise, you may be able to convert the HTML into Twee through Tweego.


Yeah, I am still using Twine 1 in fact and did not have any luck with importing. I haven’t tried tweego yet, thanks!


What an unfortunate date chosen… and on the thread title, on top of it.

Anyway, taken note. If I decide to get rid of ancient WIPs lingering my hard disk since late 90s/early aughties…

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.


here I must agree. Occasionally my source code has more Italian than English…

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.


My memory was jogged after seeing this linked in another thread.

The shambling behemoth that is the Repeat the Ending I7 source is available in its (hopefully) final form (R4) at itch.io. It ain’t pretty, but it is at least commented. If I don’t get any bug reports in the next two weeks, I’ll make a final upload to the IF Archive with all other materials.