Apples (Contact Juggling)

This has nothing to do with IF, or games of any kind, but I’m wearing my PataNoir t-shirt, so it’s totally on-topic enough for the off-topic forum, I think :slight_smile:.

Nice work!

What’s the deal with the idiots who keep walking in front of the camera?

It’s a public park. Unfortunately, the only place I could attach the camera was a lightpole on the other side of the path, which is just outside the picture (the camera is an iPhone on a gorilla pod). I thought it was worth it to get the roses in the background.

Thanks for sharing – I enjoyed both the juggling and the soundtrack. :slight_smile:

I’ve never seen contact juggling before, looks cool!

You haven’t seen Labyrinth??? Nerds today sure aren’t what they used to be.

Oh yes! Labyrinth! That’s where I learned that contact juggling was a thing.

Owlor is one of today’s lucky 10,000!

Tip for folks who have already seen Labyrinth: go and watch the making-of documentary “Inside the Labyrinth.” It is the bessssst. (Also, probably literally life-changing for me, when I was a kid.)

Pro tip: If you decide that you want to learn contact juggling, do not start with acrylic (a la Labyrinth). Start with plastic. Hollow plastic. Friendly plastic that you can’t put through a TV, computer monitor, or wayward household pet.

I am not a pro, but this is the first tip my exceedingly-skilled friend gave me. After some experimentation, I concluded he was right.

No pets, TVs, or computer monitors were harmed in the process of learning this lesson, but I almost put a ball through a window. Physics!

Nice!! I really enjoyed it :smiley: