Apologize for your abuse, George and Dannii!


It began with Dannii locking my threads, claiming that “they don’t deserve to exist”. Why? Because he hates me on a personal level. That wasn’t me molesting your dog, Dannii! That was somebody else! We just look the same, and it was dark, so you couldn’t possibly have seen it was me!

The first time he did it, I didn’t pay any attention to it. I thought it was just some random sleepdrunk mod doing some random ass shit, so I didn’t call him out on it. …but looking back, Dannii did it to fuel a flame war against me: He didn’t want me explaining what a troll was, because he wanted the board members to continue calling me a troll.

An hour ago, Dannii locked my thread specifically calling him out on his bullshit. Not only was the huge 9 page thread about how mod abuse made this forum uninhabitable, but Dannii decided to lock the thread specifically after I mentioned his name.

In the same thread we had obvious trolls like MTW running rampant without a care in the world, because they know that they have the mods in their back pockets.


George might not hate me. He might just be obtuse. He locked a non-racist thread, and warned me about racism, basically telling me to piss off from the board. Apparently we can’t discuss even how to prevent racism on the off-topic forum of this board, because that’s apparently against Goerges questionable beliefs.
I sent a PM asking George to explain himself, but he replied that he just didn’t care.


Where are you, Merk and rioshin? You’re supposed to keep corrupt mods from ruining this forum, yet you don’t even read PMs! Half of your members are trolls, and it’s because the mods that you’ve appointed are siding with them!

he locked a thread called “Goodbye Board”

and yet you are still here, attention whoring

You’re next, namekuseijin! Don’t you get it?
The next thing you know, people will start calling you a troll, Dannii will start locking your threads “because they don’t deserve to exist”, and people will start spamming your threads with rhetoric bullshit like you just did.
What makes you think that you’re immune to a board that’s in some kind of desperate need for a “troll savior”? Stay here long enough, and you’ll fall victim to the zombie horde as well. They’ll eat your flesh, and I sure won’t be around to save you.

Andreas, Dannii is not abusive; this thread (your post) is abusive. If you really can’t see the difference, then you should be banned.

dfabulich, my thread (my post) is not abusive; your post is abusive. If you really can’t see the difference, then you should be banned.

The funny thing is I didn’t even notice you wrote my name!

Just for everyone’s information, we mods don’t have many strict rules, just our wisdom, whether that’s good or not. Debates on the nature of trolling however might warrant a rule soon. They’re never constructive.

So after nine pages (90 posts or so), you just happen to lock the thread right after I mentioned you. Riiight…

I’d rather have a weird official rule for what is defined as trolling at this board, than mods just making weird “Don’t post like this.” warnings. There is just no way that I can make out what is allowed as a valid post at this board otherwise. I mean anti-racism threads aren’t allowed? Really???

save me :laughing:

don’t worry, I’m a born troll. my IF reviews on ifdb usually get several dislikes, even though they simply state plain facts

I just don’t do attention whoring. I have my standards…

Andreas, are you really saying that

is anti-racist? What is your definition of “racism” then? In my experience, even if you explain what you’re “really trying to say” with your bigotry, statements like that are still considered racist.

It’s called “making a stand”. I tried to resolve this by PMing George, but he wasn’t interested in discussing it, so I had to PM the board owners, but they aren’t reading PMs, so what’s really left? The feedback board, meant for “attention whoring” these topics.
I could ask you the same thing: Why are you “attention whoring” about IFs? Why are you posting on the internet? Why are you breathing, “you attention whore”?

Draconis, did you read the spoiler tag of that post?
You would think that me opening with “Hi, I’m a racist prick.” would give away that I’m impersonating a racist stereotype, but as an afterthought, just to make sure, I made that spoiler tag, just to spell out to people what I actually meant with the post: The world is thinking of prank calls when they think about India, and that isn’t fair to India. The post was meant to bring that up as an issue, to prevent racism.
That half of this board doesn’t get my post (or rather “posts”), says a lot about you guys, things that isn’t exactly flattering.

just to be sure:

this is clearly a joke, aside from overly sensitive people who can’t stand a Chris Rock routine

the bit phrased as “are up to no good” sounds even childish. Was he to state “indians are developing nuclear weapons programs and are about to blow us up to smithreens” and I would take it more seriously


is likewise more joke, for the stereotyped choice of images. and yet, like most satire, it has a hint of truth about it: we’re talking about the most populous country in the world…

when I read his post I was actually reminded of Douglas Adams describing how all the unwanted people of Golgafrincham – all hairdressers, marketing execs, telephone sanitizers etc – were led by scientists to believe impending doom was coming to the planet and embarked on a one-trip voyage across the cosmos believing other ships were coming right behind. Actually, after getting rid of the useless citizens, a viral plague caused by dirty telephones led to extinction the rich people of Golgafrincham. Adams can use it for a joke without being called a racist, others can’t. It’s the same as Chris Rock calling his fellows nigga.

I don’t side with Andreas/Pudlo or whatever nor am doing this so he can save my ass down the line. It’s just to state I didn’t see what the hubbub was all about…

now, getting back to IF whoring

Yes, I did. Hence the sentence starting with “even if you explain what you’re ‘really trying to say’…”

Yeah, if you’re going to take things I say out of context, then “I just met Hitler - he asked me to say hail to you all.” would mean that I’m brownnosing the führer. …or do I have to put quotes around führer to prevent another flamewave?

What it comes down to, is that you guys are prepared to call people racists and trolls at the drop of a hat. Maybe 5% of all people on the internet are actual racists and trolls, but you’d like to think that you have discovered one of them. That’s your view of people: Not as average nice guys, but as savage people that just might belong in cages. Wtf, man? Give a guy a break! Try filling in the blanks with nice things instead of evil things.

For instance, about the transsexual thread, I bet I came across as a real douchebag. The guy PMing me about it thought that I was some kind of straight guy who looked down on homos, and he wanted to tell me that he agreed with me about “sissies”, and let’s just say that the conversation that followed was an interesting one.

This happens because you guys don’t see people as human, at least not on the internet.

What (present-day) context could that quote be found in that would make it make sense? :confused:

:laughing: Nice try.

:angry: = :blush: , right?

Or is it: :angry: = :smiling_imp: ?

Emoticons are neat.

Charlie Chaplin once played Hitler in The Dictator. Does this mean that Charlie Chaplin is a nazi? No. …but he was a nazi within the context of the movie.

To go on a tangent, the people of today has a frightening inability to distinguish depictions of people, from actual people. Cartoon childporn is banned in my country, because apparently cartoons feel abuse somehow. The same goes for rape porn and the people acting in it. It’s frightening, because it used to be said that this is the cognition that separates the homo sapiens speices from animals.


Okay, you’re hitting on all cylinders, now. I think you’re running out of controversies to shock people with.

Don’t you have some IF to write? :neutral_face: