Apollo 18+20: The IF Tribute Album

Thanks to a lot of hard work by 20+ members of the IF community over the past 3 months, I’m pleased to announce the release of Apollo 18+20: The IF Tribute Album. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the They Might Be Giants album Apollo 18, a bunch of us got together and made one IF game per track on the album. That’s 38 new games, with 20 of them (the “Fingertips” tracks) being one-move games. Check it out:




This is more or less the greatest thing ever.

We don’t even need to choose! It’s more and less the greatest thing ever! Ha!

I need some help with My Evil Twin.

I’ve already broken into my evil twin’s lair and destroyed his mind-control device. What do I do next? I see some numbers over in the regular park, but inputting them into the keypad at the evil lair doesn’t do anything.

I solved My Evil Twin – here’s a hint:

The number you’ve found is not the whole number. Not sure if the rest of it is anywhere in the game, but a TMBG fan would know the rest of it.

any help for She’s Actual Size? I’ve made progress but I barely understand how I’ve done it.

That’s a pretty good metric for deciding if a game has really earned a “surreal” tag :slight_smile:

Yeah, I find She’s Actual Size pretty fascinating, but exactly what effect your actions are going to have on how the game plays out is unclear, which is kind of frustrating. I mean, most of the time that I’ve spent playing the game thus far as been just performing the set of actions in the opening scene in different orders until I magically hit the one that allowed me to progress in the game (which, while I was still in the first scene, didn’t really look any different from any of the other ways I’d done said actions/give me any hints that I was on the right track).

After that part, the game is pretty much on rails–although now I seem to have hit a bug that’s made it impossible to progress, which is a shame.

I’m told that this is now fixed.

Not quite. I managed to complete the game, but you have to get the order right first time. If the game loops, you get an unwinnable situation.

… I should have written the right order down when I found it, shouldn’t I? Whoops.

I’m stuck on what I believe is the last bit of The Guitar. I’ve tried stuff like

and futzing with the amp/drum machine/mixer

during the

3rd scenario in the ship

But I wind up getting killed in what appears to be a time-sensitive puzzle. Anyone figure out what to do?

Also did anyone have the authors’ email? I had a transcript for them.

I did actually note down the right order. However, I found that if you get the first ones in the right order, you do see progress in the second part.

I remember beta testing this game.

I couldn’t figure out what to do in the starship after the Captain and First Officer leave, so I wasn’t able to complete the game.

You can email you transcript to Kevin, He’s still willing to forward on feedback.

I managed to complete this game.

You have to turn on the amp then play.

I found that there is a lot of guess the verb here.