Anything but human-game jam

To start off 2017, I’ve started a month-long, unranked casual game-jam called the Anything but Human-jam. It’s intended as a bit of a tribute to the “funny animal,vegetable, and mineral”-zines of the 1970s which had a huge influence on both cartoons and SF. Accordingly, a plucky, DIY-attitude is encouraged. The only rule is that at least the protagonist should be something other than human (anthropomorphism is expected, but not required.)

On the jam page, I have a short FAQ and collection of links that can serve as inspiration. I recommend Twine as a system for people who don’t know where to start, but any authoring tool is recommended. Examples of allowable subjects include animals, vegetables, minerals, robots, AIs, mythical creatures, celestial/infernal beings, abstract concepts and basically anything on this list.

Sounds like fun, I’m in!

Oh, and hi everybody. I’m back!

Finally put in an intent! I’m so glad it’s a month long…

I’m in!

I was going to put in an entry for this, but it now looks as though I’m going to run out of time. I have managed to write a substantial chunk of game though, which is no bad thing. Thanks for organising.

That’s alright, I’m just happy you decided to participate. [emote]:D[/emote] And hey, you got a chunk of game out of it, which as you say, is not a bad thing.

I too have completed half a game, and I did it in an engine I initially knew nothing about (ink!). So, I may not have finished in time for the jam, but at least it motivated me to get out there and learn Ink, and I’ve got half a game, so all good.