Anyone tried One More Story Games?

A podcast I frequent had an ad for the site. It seems to be a private company that’s creating playable books, or readable games - some hybrid that’s definitely a form of IF. (I have no association with the site or its employees.)

Searching this site suggests that no one’s mentioned or discussed it. Anyone tried their service? I can’t figure if they’re competitors monetizing what you’re giving away for free, or allies with orthogonal goals.

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It seems kind of… I dunno. I’m browsing on my phone and their site gives a whole bunch of PHP errors. I try to play one of their games and it says not compatible with my phone, so probably only tablets. But the first review says it uses adobe air which no longer exists. The game was published to the google play store in 2015 with no updates, so…

The screenshots look pretty cool though.

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I have looked into One More Story, and did the trial of their tool, called StoryStylus.

I was initially put off that authors must subscribe to use the tool, but it looks like a good option for heavily map-based choice narratives, especially those types of mysteries that involve city-wide clue-gathering and suspect interviewing. It also seemed like they had good tools to make interior clickable maps based on a floorplan.

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