Anyone Need a Writer?


As some of you have seen, I have spent the last four months or so searching for a programmer. I did so, successfully, and was able to finish a game in time for IFComp. :mrgreen:

I loved the experience, and I’d totally want to do it again for next year. Also, everyone here just seems to be so nice and welcoming.

So, if anyone has an idea that needs fleshing out, or someone to write out all the text, I’m ready. I’m open to any genre, and any difficulty level. I don’t have much experience in complicated puzzles, but I can learn.

Thank you.

If you’re still interested in doing some writing, I’ve some ideas for which I can do the code (I’ve got an engine that I can actually use for this) but the writing side is defeating me entirely. The setting is spy-fi and loosely themed around the Kim Possible series. Unlike the stories I’ve already designed on older systems, here I know how to get the puzzles coded in the system I want to use but the prose itself is proving damn-near impossible.

Hi everyone,

Just to update this post: I’m already starting a new project, so for the moment I’m unavailable.

Thank you!