Anyone know anything about Paranoiak?

I don’t speak French, but this cover art rules. Reminds me of some 80s underground comics I’ve seen. Anyone know anything about this game?

Big problems stick to your skin, like fleas on the back of a dog!.. Judge for yourself: Oedipus complex, inferiority complex, asthma, amnesia, vertigo, shyness, persecution, lack of money , etc.
To perk up your morale without taking your health down, you’ll need to resolve all of this as quickly as possible! But how ?
The strange encounters you will have the opportunity to make while walking around the city will help you achieve this.
Paranoiak is a humorous adventure game, in color, entirely in French. It will make you spend long hours of fun that can lead you to the most total depression!


It is the first published game of Froggy Software, one of the major french commercial IF publisher of the time (it’s our little own Infocom !). All their games (parsers) features text and graphics.

You can look up all their cover on the company’s founder (and main author) website : Froggy Software – Jean-Louis Le Breton

Many of them are drawn by Solé, a comic artist that used to draw for irreverent/caricaturist magazines and newspaper