Anyone else having issues with Inform7 not compiling on OS X Big-Sur(m1)

So… I am impatient, and have been secretly harboring a strong desire for an iPad version of inform 7 to arrive before I needed to upgrade… but in the end, I bought a MacBook Pro, it is on the M1 architecture.

So I install inform7 from the App Store, and happily hit to ‘Go!’ button. The screen read ‘compiling from inform 7 to inform 6’ and never changes.

Oh woe is me! :slight_smile:

This was a big part of my vacation plans (much to my wife’s chagrin)…

Anyone else have success with the new M1 MacBooks?

I don’t have one, but I thought it was working.

Have you tried the version listed at Downloads | Inform 7 ? It’s newer than the App Store reease.

No trouble here on an M1 Mac Mini. I second the recommendation to try the “Interim” version from the I7 website (the App Store version shows “4 years ago” as the most recent update).

Hooray! That was it, my spring break is saved!!! Thanks all!

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Andrew, as you are a preeminent author and very experienced in the use of inform7… I would appreciate your thoughts…

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