Anyone else have an IF game they like to play as a Seasonal Tradition?

For me, my seasonal tradition is, strangely, Infocom’s The Lurking Horror. I played it for the first time a couple of weeks in advance of Christmas in 1989, alongside a co-worker at Electronic Arts. The frozen environment and the winter storm all seemed appropriate (for the seasonal weather, at least).

Since that time, nothing says “Christmas” to me like throwing wax onto the floor and watching a worker burst into a hundred little creatures, scattering off in all directions. :rofl:


I always indulge in retro playing during the christmas and new year’s eves, and always play text and/ text/graphic adventures. Not that I have a favorite, aside that I customary play IF/adventures of x0 or x5 years ago (e.g. durinf this 2022 festivies, I play adventures from 1982, 1987 or 1992 and IF from 1997, 2002 or 2007.)

Best regards from Italy (during a break from the looong christmas eve dinner…)


I usually play a spanish IF title based in Noel’s Christmas time: “A little Christmas’ story”.