Anyone creating a web terp for ALAN like Parchment yet?

Was wondering if anyone has undertook the job of creating a javascript interpreter of ALAN (if anything 2.8 with a glk status line would be easy probably)? It would be cool if people showed ALAN some love, even though Inform 7 is awesome, I remember programming more in ALAN before Natural Inform was in place…

There is no web interpreter for ALAN games as of now. The current version of ALAN is 3.0 (beta), 2.8 is obsolete nowadays. Yes, I agree it would be cool if there was such a web application available. What is going on with ALAN presently is for example a new library (2.0) coming out soon. If you’re a member of the ALAN Yahoo groups mailing list, I will post the new library files to that group shortly, before they will appear on the actual website.

Web interpreters for old versions is still very important though, for playing the old games and stories. I’d probably try to make a TADS 2 web interpreter before a TADS 3 web terp for that reason.

It probably wouldn’t perform quite as well, but it would be great if someone could run Gargoyle through emscripten to produce a multiplatform web terp.

@Danii is running it through emscripten really all you have to do? I’ve been missing playing TADS 2 games since I switched to web-play; there’s so many good ones like Babel or Worlds Apart or Eric Eve’s games.

It would be trickier because you’d want it to use a JS version of glk, rather than also putting garglk itself through emscripten. I imagine that there would be many more complexities of various kinds as well.

Rem+Ote should help a bit there, though I have a feeling running RemGlk through emscripten will not be ideal?

Might not be too bad, actually.

If I had $1000 to burn, I would pay for this over any other IF project. I love Eric eve’s games, Ian finley’s, all of them. TADS has a great history. And parchment has already brought z-machine games to a much wider audience.

I don’t know if this is helpful to anyone, but Dan Shiovitz had an ancient Java TADS 2 interpreter called Jetty.