Anybody using Speech Motivations?

I’m putting this out there because I’m thinking of making some changes to Speech Motivations and I wanted to know how that would affect anyone who’s using it.

The big thing is that I want to change the name of the KoV from “speech motivation” to “cue.” “Cue” is already the name of the Speech Motivation property, but that might change if there are namespace clashes. I might also change the name of the extension to “Speech Cues.”

I’ve been adding some convenience phrases to the extension. Hopefully this is making it easier to use and not just making it messier.

The latest version is still at:

But eventually I will probably move it to the Friends of I7 page on Github:

It’s also possible that once I take a look at Threaded Conversation, I will be overwhelmed with awe and admiration and scrap Speech Motivations entirely, recommending that everyone use that instead.

If you have feedback about Speech Motivations, now would be a great time to respond!

I’ll take the resounding silence as a no, and feel free to change whatever I damn well please with this extension. But this here bump will serve as a reminder to anyone who might have missed the first announcement. I’m not doing anything right away, so if you have an opinion at all, your input will be considered.

The extension might get better visibility if you posted it to the official extension page.

It’s not ready for release, but since I’ve mentioned it to people who were looking for similar functionality, I thought some of them might be using it already.