Any workarounds for sound support in Quixe?

Is there currently any way to edit a gblorb released with a Quixe interpreter in order to allow Glulx’s sound abilities to work?

In the absence of proper sound support in Quixe, you’d probably have to use a multimedia library like Vorple or distribute your game with a hacked version of Quixe that has custom sound code. If you went that route, one option would be to use something like the technique I described here, embed an audio player in the page, and have the game control it with Javascript.

Vorple would probably be easier (although the webserver requirement is a pain).

This is for an IFComp game, so I could just try out Vorple with their upload tool. I love Vorple, but the last time I tried it, it didn’t support things like Restart.

I would completely try the audio player idea if I had any idea how to do it (your hack makes sense, but what to do after that is something I haven’t studied).

Thanks for the suggestions! You’ve given me some good ideas.

You know, I could just do the javascript hack for online play and do the standard gblorb for sound on an interpreter. Maybe I’ll try to do that!

This turned out to be super easy; I added your code, as well as the following audio player (for a music file in the same folder as index.html)


Your browser does not support the audio element. [/code]

As well as the following Inform 7 code:

[code]MusPausing is an action out of world. Understand “pause” as muspausing.

Carry out Muspausing:
say “!js $([’]#bg_audio[’]).trigger(‘pause’);”

MusPlaying is an action out of world. Understand “play” as musPlaying.

Carry out Musplaying:
say “!js document.getElementById([’]bg_audio[’]).play();”

I actually have an in-game way of disguising music codes for offline interpreters, so this is perfect. Thanks! Now I just need to figure out how to add a mute button for people that hate this sort of thing.

Off-topic to web-browser, but on-topic to wishful thinking: Wish request that RemGlk get sound, even if incomplete - just some references in the JSON to the blorb sound element at the right generation would be cool :wink: The Glulx story Six is a good example.