any way to run two instances of the IDE?

I feel like I read about this on raif at one point, but I can’t find the thread. Is there a way to run two instances of the IDE, or the IDE and a text editor, so I could have a fullscreen of the source code and then a separate screen with just the index/game/skein and so on? The IDE does weird stuff with save files and can’t revert, so it doesn’t seem to work like you’d expect.

It’s not currently possible. I posted a feature suggestion for the ability to use an external editor: … nal-editor

David said he’s implemented it for the Windows IDE code.

Extensions are opened and edited in a separate window (by the IDE); so pending a proper solution, if one wants separate windows for the source text and the rest of the IDE, I guess it’s possible to write a game as though it was an extension and merely use two lines in the source panel of the IDE for a title and an “include”.